Album TITLE With Music  
1.01  Bluebird Wine.      Rodney Crowell  
1.02  Too far gone.       Billy Sherill  
1.03  If I could win your love.      Ira Louvin Charlie Louvin
1.04  Boulder to Birmingham. -  Emmylou Harris Bill Danoff
1.05  Before believing.          Danny Flowers  
1.06  Bottle let me down.     Marle Haggard  
1.07  Sleepless nights.      Boudeleaux Bryant Felix Bryant
1.08  Coat of many colors.         Dolly Parton  
1.09  For no one.             John Lennon Paul McCartney
1.10  Queen of the silver dollar.      Shel Silverstein  
2.01  Amarillo.         Emmylou Harris Rodney Crowell
2.02  Together again.      Buck Owens  
2.03  Feeling single see in double.   Wayne Kemp  
2.04  Sin city.         Gram Parsons Chris Hillman
2.05  One of these days     Earl Montgomery  
2.06  Till I gain control again.    Rodney Crowell  
2.07  Here, there and everywhere.    John Lennon Paul McCartney
2.08  Oh, Las Vegas.            Gram Parsons Rick Grech
2.09  Sweet dreams.       Don Gibson  
2.10  Jambalaya.        Hank Williams  
2.11  Satan's jewel crown.   Traditional  
2.12  Wheels.                Chris Hillman Gram Parsons
3.01  Luxury Lineer   Gram Parsons  
3.02  Pancho & Lefty   Townes Van Zandt  
3.03  Making believe.   Jimmy Work  
3.04  You're supposed to be feeling good   Rodbey Crowell  
3.05  I'll be your San Antone rose.   Susanna Clark  
3.06  You never can tell(C'est La Vie)    Chuck Berry  
3.07  When I stop dreaming.      Ira Louvin Charlie Louvin
3.08  Hello stanger.   A.P.Carter  
3.09  She.   Gram Parsons Chris Ethridge
3.10  Tulsa queen.   Emmylou Harris Rodney Crowell
4.01  Easy from now on.           Susanna Clark Carlene Routh
4.02  Two more bottles of wine.       Debert McClinton  
4.03  To daddy.               Dolly Parton  
4.04  My song bird.             Jesse Winchester  
4.05  Leaving Louisiana in the broad daylight.   Rodney Crowell Donivan Cowart
4.06  Defving gravity.    Jesse Winchester  
4.07  Aint livin' long like this.   Rodney Crowell  
4.08  One paperkid.             Walter Martin Cowart  
4.09  Green rolling hills.      Utah Phillips  
4.10  Burn that candle.       Winfield Scott  
5.01  One of these days.      Earl Montgomery  
5.02  Sweet dreams.             Don Gibson  
5.03  To daddy   Dolly Parton  
5.04  You never can tell(C'est La Vie)    Chuck Berry  
5.05  Making believe.            Jimmy Work  
5.06  Easy from now on.      Susanna Clark Carlene Carter
5.07  Together again.            Buck Owens  
5.08  If I could only win your love.    Ira Louvin Charlie Louvin
5.09  Too far gone.             Billy Sherrill  
5.10  Two more bottles of wine.       Delbert McClinton  
5.11  Boulder to Birmingham.        Emmylou Harris Bill Danoff
5.12  Hello stranger.            A.P.Carter  
6.01  I'll be your baby tonight.      Bob Dylan  
6.02  Fugue for the ox.           Emmylou Harris  
6.03  I saw the light.           Hank Williams  
6.04  Clocks.                Emmylou Harris  
6.05  Black gypsy.             Emmylou Harris  
6.06  Gliding bird.             Tom Slocum  
6.07  Everybodys talking.          Fred Neil  
6.08  Bobbie's gone.      Emmylou Harris  
6.09  I'll never fall in love again.   Burt Bacharach  
6.10  Waltz of the magic man.       Emmylou Harris  
7.01  Sister's coming home.         Willie Nelson  
7.02  Beneath still waters.         Dallas Frazier  
7.03  Rough and rocky.           Charles Justice Shoji Tabuchi
7.04  Hickory wind.        Gram Parson Bob Buchanon
7.05  Save the last dance for me.    Doc Pomus Mort Shuman
7.06  Sorrow in the wind.        Jean Ritchie  
7.07  They'll never take his love from me   Leon Payne  
7.08  Every time you leave.     Ira Louvin Charlie Louvin
7.09  Blue Kentucky girl.    Johnny Mullins  
7.10  Even cowgirls get the blues.    Rodney Crowell  

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